AMA Sessions

1st AMA Session

LIT.FUND 1st AMA Session


1. Welcome & Introduction

2. Overview of the healthcare claims market 

3. Healthcare lawyers provide their perspectives. Isabel Bathurst & Geoff Simpson-Scott 

4. Now is the time to innovate

5. How does crypto fit into this? 

6. Q&As


Anneen Carlisle

Co-Founder - Patient Safety Ambassador & Head Of Healthcare Rewards Scheme

Anneen Carlisle RGN is a practicing clinical surgical Matron. With a wealth of 30 years experience her most recent achievement has been to create an award winning surgical emergency unit by incorporating traditional standards into a modern dynamic environment. In 2020 she won her election seat as staff governor within the NHS, where her tenacity, positivity and knowledge empowers her to be a formidable ambassador for patients and staff.

Nina Dayal

Co-Founder - Head of Counter Fraud Strategy

Nina is a Counter Fraud Specialist and is a well established and respected seasoned practitioner with extensive experience in anti fraud strategies. A former Partner, Complex Fraud Lawyer, Deputy Director of Fraud Ring Operations and Director of Liability Fraud in a top 50 Law firm. Also a former Director and Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance at a niche ABS law firm occupying the positions of Compliance Officer for Legal Practice and Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration. With a wealth of experience including; expert insurance claims knowledge, both claimant and defendant litigation, forensic claims investigations, developing, coordinating, communicating and delivering anti fraud strategies, detection, prevention and defence. Nina is also a specialist adviser to law firms on regulatory risk and compliance with a particular interest in anti money laundering regulations.


Sajid Hussain

Founder & Blockchain Architect & Engineer

An award-winning innovator recognised as a visionary with a proven track record in ideating & executing innovative go-to-market solutions. Sajid is a University of Oxford certified blockchain & fintech strategist.

He has assisted investors, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, lawyers, law firms, medico-legal agencies, IFA’s, litigation funders, MedTech & insurance companies to identify opportunities and develop new revenue streams for efficiently identifying, fairly resolving & learning from medical failures using blockchain-powered smart legal contract strategies.

The architect behind LIT.FUND. The first fintech ecosystem for the multi-billion-pound GBP UK Healthcare Claims Market. Where innovation to efficiently detect, resolve & prevent medical failures enables LIT.FUND token holders to ethically stake on smart legal contracts for legal bills owed by the UK Government or insurance companies.

Isabel Bathurst

Co-founder & Head Of Healthcare Claims

Isabel is a specialist in catastrophic injury claims involving brain and spinal injured claimants and also has extensive clinical negligence experience, with expertise developed over 20 years. During the past 7 years, Isabel has concentrated her practice on foreign jurisdiction claims for both claimants and defendants and on inquest and inquiry work.

Geoff Simpson-Scott

Clinical Negligence Partner & Author

Geoff Simpson-Scott is Head of Clinical Negligence at Simpson Millar and the author of A Practical Guide to Clinical Negligence. The Legal 500 has described him as a “always helpful & understanding” and he aims to assist others in adopting a more innovative approach to clinical negligence.

Kate Burt

Co-Founder, Chief Counsel

Kate Burt is a solicitor with over 20 years experience in the Legal Sector. Kate advises top 50 law firms and award winning regtech and legal service providers on market strategy, law firm insights and regulatory compliance. Kate is the founder of and co-founder of ‘Compliance for Law Firms’, a weekly discussion forum attended by some of the top law firms in the UK.

Tony Brown

Co-Founder -Chief AML & Compliance Advisor

Tony Brown Pg.Dip(FCP), Dip.(FinCrime), Cert.(AML), FICA, ACAMS is a Specialist Advisor on anti-financial crime and regulatory compliance and is responsible for advising projects on risk, working closely with project leaders to deliver on strategic goals in a sustainable and innovative way. Tony is a Fellow of the International Compliance Association (“FICA”) and has 18+ years experience working in financial services, most of which has been spent in regulatory compliance roles. He has a passion for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing and is a cryptocurrency and digital asset risk expert. Outside of Lit.Fund, Tony is Head of Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“MLRO” at IFX Payments, a Global FinTech that issues digital IBANS to clients requiring treasury management and payments solutions. He also sits on the Executive Committee of the Association of Foreign Exchange and Payments Companies (“AFEP”).

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Live Roadmap & Milestones

Frontier Legal Ltd Founded & R&D Started
The research and development of blockchain and smart contracts has begun. A particular focus on the implications for the multibillion-pound GBP UK healthcare claims industry.
Development Of FinTech Powered Calculator To Tokenise Healthcare Claims

This innovation has the potential to expand learning opportunities while also addressing the independent investigation and legal expenses of medical claims in England and Wales. In a market where the NHS alone spends over £2billion GBP settling claims of which approximately £500 million GBP annually is paid out in Legal costs (NHS Resolution, Annual Accounts 2019/20).

January 2020
Platform Developed (BETA) For Medical Professionals & Expert Witnesses To Screen & Report On Claims
We collaborated with medico-legal professionals who were tasked with conducting independent investigations into claims in order to assist them in streamlining their processes and gaining access to new sources of financing. Some of them are certified by the National Health Service or are instructed by someone of leading law firms in the UK.
March 2020
UK Covid Lockdown Starts
We went into lockdown about the time we started approaching possible investors for traditional kinds of investment and finance.
September 2020
NDA With Insurance Companies
We've begun preliminary discussions with insurers about insuring our healthcare claims programme. To create the first plan of its kind that would increase access to justice, was ESG-focused and transparent, and would assist claimants, defendants, and the NHS save money on legal fee.
October 2020
NDA's with Investment Bank & Institutional Funders
A publicly traded investment bank and institutional funders approached us to learn more about or idea of creating a financial instrument to pay healthcare claims in England and Wales. Due diligence on our fintech-powered ESG methodology.
January 2021
Initiated the development of a platform for upfront fixed fee services for all types of professional and legal services.
We discovered how our platform can be used for all types of legal services affected by the newly introduced transparency rules introduced by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which are similar to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), while working on the project to fix the legal costs of healthcare claims.
March 2021
LIT.Fund Innovation Incubator Launches

The LIT.Fund Incubator was launched while the project was in stealth to test the reaction from key players in the sectors we are targeting.

  • 4 Law firms have signed NDA to explore how LIT.Fund tokens can offer their clients with a more ESG focused funding
  • Several lawyers sign NDA's to discuss opportunities to join the platform
  • Largest patient safety charity in UK signs NDA
  • Several expert witnesses sign NDA to join the platform
  • 2 expert witness agencies sign NDA to start exploratory talks about the platform and funding opportunities
  • Leading Medico-legal Training provider signs up
  • 2 legal costs recovery firms and and many costs lawyers signup
  • FCA regulated crypto exchange starts exploratory talks

Discussions and collaborations are ongoing. Some of these partnerships and schemes will be announced in the future.

October 2021
Listed Investment Bank Completes Due Diligence & Makes An Offer (With Caveats)

Following 51 weeks of working with an investment bank that carried out due diligence covering everything, the bank made an offer for a multi-million-pound facility with caveats for traditional funding rather than a DeFi powered blockchain and smart contract-powered digital asset-backed model.

21 November 2021
UK Law Commission Publishes Report For The UK Government & Announces Blockchain-Powered Smart Legal Contracts Are Classed As Enforceable

On the 25th November 2021, the Law Commission (a statutory body set up by the UK Government) declared that ‘…the current legal framework in England and Wales is clearly able to facilitate and support the use of smart legal contracts, without the need for statutory law reform’.

Frontier Legal LTD has already developed court-compliant, smart legal contract capabilities, as well as a strategy for the execution and adoption into the UK legal market. The Law Commission’s findings remove barriers, and empower LIT.Fund model to rapidly deliver on that strategy, and grow the adoption across multiple legal processes, and in any industry where contracts are exchanged.

22 November 2021
We Start Planning The LIT.Fund Token (LFND) and NFT Coin Launch

Being involved in innovation in the legal sector can be a very painstaking process for innovators. But the statement on the 25th November 2021 gave us the green light to go live with what we had been planning to do since 2017.

11 January 2022
Every lawyer will require familiarity with crypto, says Master Of The Rolls

Every lawyer will need to know about blockchain, smart legal contracts and cryptoassets, the master of the rolls stated today. 'Major developments are imminent. They will mean that every lawyer will require familiarity with the blockchain, smart legal contracts and cryptoassets,' Sir Geoffrey Vos told an event to launch a new edition of authoritative guidance on the legal and regulatory aspects of the technologies underpinning digital currencies and the booming market in 'non fungible tokens' (11 Jan 2022, Law Gazzette).

April 2022
Website Launch & NFT Coins Are Unveiled For The First Time

Website soft launch and social media accounts are unveiled for community building and professional partnerships to begin.

May 2022
Private Sale, AMA's & Affiliate Programme Starts
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions With The Team & Project Co-founders Covering Healthcare, Legal, Insurance & Property Sectors.
  • Presale Whitelisting Begins
June 2022
First Projects By Innovators Begin
  • Following our AMAs the LIT.FUND launchpad began partnerships in stealth with clinicians, lawyers & professionals to start offering 
Q3, 2022
Project Updates, LIT.FUND FC NFT Token Sale Starts & Public Exchange Listing Announcement
  • LIT.FUND website updated to showcase some of the featured projects being worked on in stealth. These include PHReports, iThinkify & NFT Launchpad. They are all being powered by LFND tokens and LIT.FUND buyback protocols.
  • LIT.FUND NFT Store launches for participants who have signed up for presale whitelist. NFT Store will offer presale NFTs with 20 month LFND token rewards for the first wallets to mint and register each NFT.
  • Geoff Simpson-Scott joins LIT.FUND team as head of Healthcare & Legal Innovation to progress projects and update LIT.FUND Community.
  • 15 October 2022 exchange listing update & KYC platform is expected to go LIVE.
Q3, 2022
Exchange Listing Update

First exchange listing of LITFUND Tokens expected to be early as 21st Oct 2022 on CoinTiger Exchange*. Follow our telegram for updates.

5th SEPT 2022
LIT.FUND appoints Geoff Simpson-Scott as Head of Healthcare & Legal Innovation. 

LIT.FUND appoints Geoff Simpson-Scott as Head of Healthcare & Legal Innovation. 

Geoff brings 20 years’ experience of clinical negligence to LIT.FUND. He will be applying his extensive knowledge of litigation resolution strategy to provide innovative and successful healthcare claims solutions.

Geoff has developed his expertise at several leading law firms; most recently as Head of Clinical Negligence at a national consumer law firm. He is an experienced leader, communicator, data analyst, auditor and trainer. 

Geoff has been recognised in The Legal 500 as being “always helpful & understanding” and is the currently writing the 3rd Edition of his popular practitioner text ‘A Practical Guide to Clinical Negligence’.

Geoff will use the LIT.FUND Launchpad to engineer blockchain-powered smart legal contract protocols to improve outcomes for all stakeholders. One such use case is building a smarter informed patient consent process to reduce case durations in litigation & improve the delivery of efficient healthcare. 

3 OCT 2022
LIT.FUND announces launch of its protocol-driven and smart contract-powered NFT Launchpad for innovators

LIT.FUND is proud to announce it has launched its protocol-driven and smart contract-powered NFT Launchpad for innovators to drive ESG-focused transformation and change in different industries.

The launchpad provides companies, brands, and innovators who are on a mission to drive innovation through launching smart protocols for their industry. These protocols can execute immutable smart contracts and issue NFTs for processes/procedures/audits that may have traditionally slowed down transactions, payments or delayed offers for funding and services. Protocols being developed by participants are helping to eliminate the lack of data transparency, trust between parties and governance which can currently give rise to disputes or forgery.

The platform is already being used by the LIT.FUND professional community from the legal, healthcare and crypto sectors to build safer and more informed ways for doctors to obtain patient consent for medical procedures. For building smarter and immutable independent audits and reporting protocols for litigation funders and insurers. In addition to building a better way to launch a crypto token presale that can help avoid a 'pump and dump' or 'rug pull' scenario.

Geoff Simpson-Scott who is head of healthcare and legal innovation at LIT.FUND explains how his division is using the NFT Launchpad. "LIT.FUND's launch of it’s NFT platform starts the journey towards using smart contracts to improve access to justice, fair compensation and reducing legal costs.

The immutability of recording transactional events on the blockchain increases the transparency of what is occurring both during a clinical negligence case itself and to the events giving rise to compensation claims before the harm arises. This greater degree of transparency will lead to clearer accountability, improved trust on both sides and reduces the scope for disputes in the way Sir Geoffrey Vos MR envisages."

The LIT.FUND launchpad is already working with innovators who are seeking to transform small to multi-billion GBP industries by participating in the LIT.FUND Launchpad and collaborating with the development team. If you are an innovator and want some support with launching the first and best-in-class Web3 solution for your industry, then visit the LIT.FUND website to read about how you can join the launchpad or contact Sajid Hussain.

If you are a crypto or NFT investor, then this is a great time to learn about how LIT.FUND NFTs and LIT.FUND Tokens (LFND) are transforming the way a token presale is carried out. Please visit for more information.

19 OCT 2022
LIT.FUND project hits top 6 of 'Today's Best' Crypto Project Category
The LIT.FUND project on its Debut Makes it into the Top 6 of 'Today's Best' Crypto Project Category out of over 1400 crypto projects listed on the site. We kindly request the support of the LIT.FUND Community to show some support and vote for LIT.FUND. You can show your support by visiting the website. Registering and then voting for the LIT.FUND project. You can only vote once in 24 hours. Thank you to everybody who has voted already we are very close to being in the top 5 projects today! 🚀🚀🚀
22 OCT 2022


Watch the first announcement about 'Earn LITFUND by Tony Brown a LIT.FUND Co-Founder. It’s going to be a Super Saturday!


For all those interested in earning tokens watch this short video and follow this link:


(Kindly note we heave built this due to the high demand of interest in supporting/working with us and the impossible number of DMs we are receiving!  Going forward all DMs will be directed to our signup page ☝️)

25 OCT, 2022
LITFUND Tokens List on First Exchange

LITFUND/USDT will be available on #CoinTiger Exchange on the 25TH OCTOBER @ 10.00 UTC

💡 What is LITFUND?
LIT.FUND is a DeFi-powered utility token & NFT project with a Web3 launchpad for innovators & pioneering companies. Projects using our launchpad aim to drive ESG-focused transformation in small to multi-billion-dollar markets. These projects are part of our mission to bring revenues from traditional markets on chain through LITFUND Token buybacks.

📥Contract Address:

📥Official website:
📥TG group link:


🔥🔥🔥#Crypto #DeFi #SOL🔥🔥🔥

Q4, 2022
Fixed Fee Services Platform Starts Onboarding Vendors & Professional Services Providers
  • LITFUND Tokens Begin Listing On Exchange(s)
  • Fixed Fee Marketplace Launches To Vendors And Professionals
  • Update Of LIT.FUND Grants (LITFUND) For Projects & Innovators
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session With The Team & Project Co-founders
Q1, 2023
Updates & Announcements Expected in Q1, 2023
  • Monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the team & project co-founders to update progress and performance.
  • update early vendor onboarding (BETA).
  • Update about progress of healthcare & legal projects.
  • Update on other exchanges listing LITFUND tokens.
14 Jan, 2023
First Update For 2023

We are excited to announce that some of our projects as of the 16 Jan 2023 are at minimum viable product (MVP) and early revenue stages. We are updating our VC deck and roadmap. Having projects at early revenue and MVP has opened up access to over 64 targeted VCs in Jan 2023. Roadmap will be updated with milestones & achievements later this month.

There's a lot of progress happening. Stay Tuned!

7 Feb, 2023
Website Updated 7th Feb 2023, Project Information Released And We Continue To Engage With VCs

LIT.FUND website and roadmap updated. Also information about the project is unveiled. Please visit https// for more information.

LIT.FUND is currently engaging with with VCs to raise funding for a number of exciting Web3 projects launching out of the LIT.FUND Launchpad. We will be providing an update at our next LITFUND FC AMA.

Feb, 2023
LIT.FUND helps launch
Jan 2023 - Helped launch, the first expert witness platform to use iThinkify protocols. This helps the panel of independent medical expert witnesses to efficiently write court-compliant reports about episodes of medical negligence for both claimants and defendants.
March, 2023
LIT.FUND launchpad helps launch is an AI-driven platform for the legal sector with a specialist focus on clinical negligence claims processing.
Aug, 2023 gets FCA approval received approval from the Financial Conduct Authority, preparing for a 2024 launch.
Nov, 2023
LIT.FUND agrees deal with A-rated Insurer

Deal agreed in principle with A-rated insurer for the first LIT.FUND ATE Insurance deal. This use LIT.FUND smart contracts and AI to transparently and fairly make justice accessible for more victims of medical negligence. More information will follow in Q1 2024.

Nov, 2023
LIT.FUND opens investment round for its AI & Web3 medical negligence claims solution

LIT.FUND is in talks with several investments funds to close a multibillion-pound investment deal. The target is to close the round in early Q1 2024, launch our medical negligence claims solution in the UK and then announce new exchange listings for LITFUND tokens. Updates will follow in 2024.

Last Update:

21 Dec 2023
This is a live roadmap and will be updated as projects come out of stealth and begin to show their progress on our roadmap. To stay updated please follow our social media.

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